New Baby!

FinnJuno had her first baby Monday! It’s a boy, his name is Finn. Megan likes him. Here is what she says;

He let me hold him.

He is black black so he is hard to take pictures of because his eyes are black. He is also soft. He is small. He has a small neck. He has small ears, but they look big on him. He has long skinny legs, but they are small compared to the other alpaca’s.

When he is big enough to go outside and walk I am going to walk him.

Right now I can hold him and teach him to like people.


New Cousin!!!

Mark and NaomiMegan is my guest speaker today.  She is going to tell you about our newest cousin.

I have a baby cousin. Her name “Omi”. I holded her.  I have to sit by a pillow and be very ‘entle. You don’t want to ‘urt her. and Mark holded her. And Audrey did.  And Anya did. Megan and NaomiAdrian and Mommy hold Nami.

Nami is like Broom because she is little big. Broom is more little. Nami is cute.

Nami’s big brother is Jonah. Jonah love her. Megan is bigger then him. I love Jonah and Nami.”


New crea!

Megan getting kissed
Megan getting kissed

CriaWhen we got home from church, we saw the alpacas all looking at the same spot in the grass. So we decided to see what was over there. We found a black and white surprise,  Ebony had her crea! I don’t know how old she was, she was dryer than the other newborns we found. She was old enough to be dry, but little enough not to be able to stand.

Ebony is all black except for a tiny white spot on her neck. I assumed her baby would be black, because all the babies have been solid colors to match their moms. This baby is black except for most of her face and short socks on her back feet and long socks on her front feet.

Audrey ran home to tell everybody there was a new crea. Megan had misunderstood Momma and was already ready to cross the street. Everyone else came over. While he was coming over, Daddy called the neighbors to say there was a new crea. Since they were gone, we got to take care of it.

Daddy wanted to carry it into the barn, but we let her stay outside a little bit because she was trying to stand. Megan was worried about the crea because it wasn’t standing (we had just watched a video saying that baby wildebeest have to stand within minutes to keep lions away, and she seemed to remember that). Daddy took it inside in his Sunday clothes and we put it in a pen so the crea would be safe and we could watch it better. We gave Ebony water, grain and herbs and hay.

crea sniffing meganThe crea is cute.  If she were mine I would name her Sox. Her owners use Star War Names that fit, so we have a fun challenge with her.

The baby is about 22 pounds and very healthy. We will go over again today to check on her even though the neighbors are home 🙂
You cannot see her socks in the pictures very well. I’ll try to update soon with her name and a picture with her socks showing.

Countdown to Thanksgiving– Momma

Today I am thankful for Momma.

She enjoys cooking (and letting us learn how to too).

Momma also likes taking pictures (and letting us learn how to too).

She also likes to sew (and letting us learn how to too).

Another thing she likes is the songs in The Fellowship Of The Ring especially this one;

Sing hay!

For the bath at the end of the day!

That washes the weary mud away!

A loon is he that will not sing.

O water hot is a noble thing

She also likes this song;

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday dear Mommy,

Happy birthday to you!!!!! 

Happy Birthday Mommy!


Cow chip cookies
My cowboy boot cake on cow chips

For my birthday, the girls made Cow Chip Cookies. They are good. I think they would be really good dunked in chocolate. Here is the recipe.

Daddy made my cake look like a boot. Momma used the Cow chip cookies the girls made for the boot to walk on.

When we were in Colorado we had a chow chip throwing contest. We found the cow chips all over the ground! In case you do not know what cow chips are, look it up! 😉 The cow chip throwing contest was fun. I think that I won, but Audrey argues that. 🙂

A very dry cowchip
Cowchip throwing contest



Thirteen years ago, we welcomed a little boy to our home.  He was so little! Soon after, we took this adorable little boy to the transmitter site where Daddy worked. While there, one of the workers took Mark and blessed him. With Mark raised high in the air, God was thanked for this new little boy.  Then God was asked to lead and guide Mark to grow up knowing who He was.

I am so thankful for this little boy, who is growing to be a man. I continue to pray that, the desires of Mark’s heart is to follow and obey God all the days of his life. I pray for his willingness to live the truth and make Biblical choices.  I pray for his life to continue to be a light that shines brightly!

Happy Birthday Mark!  Daddy and I love you very much! 🙂

It’s a girl!!!!!

The first baby alpaca was born at the farm across the street today! 

It is a girl!

The baby’s mom is Ebony.  She does not have a name yet.  She is so cute; almost all legs and neck! All of these pictures are of her at about an hour old!

She was walking when we saw her first. We did not see her being born :(.  I went to work today and the baby alpaca most have been born a few minutes earlier, because the rest of the alpacas had gone inside. When they came out, they were acting like they did not know there was a baby out there. We had gone over to see it and the other alpacas were eating. I fed the goats and then ran home to tell Momma. When we came back, all the rest of the alpacas had gone outside to say hello to the baby. Momma alpaca would not let them get to close!

When we put Ebony and her baby in a stall so they could have mommy and baby time, Ebony started humming and baby alpaca started to  hum. Then Black Beauty, Ebony’s other daughter, started humming. The Ebony started humming again.

I hope to get to see the next one born. I hope to have my camera too! The baby is going to be an aunt sometime this month.

A baby alpaca is called a cria. They weigh about 20 pounds at birth (about what Megan weighs now).  It takes them about 15 minutes to learn to walk. The baby alpaca walks better than Megan does now.

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear ___________, Happy birthday to you!!!!!  🙂