Trivia Question Answer

Finally, the trivia answer.  We made Maple Sugar!

The sap is done running for this year.  We ended up with 2 gallons of syrup and enough sugar for the year.

Maple Syrup cooked to different temperatures.

Letting Butterflies Free

Releasing ButterfliesAudrey has been raising monarch butterflies to release them. When we went to the park today we let eleven go. We still have some at home but that is because they have OE so we keep them so they do not spread it. You can learn more about it on Audrey’s blog.











In case you are wondering, yes, this is a composite picture. We released the two, and when we looked at the preview, thought we had seen one we just released in the picture. So, just for fun, we added the last one.

Guess what we saw today!

We saw a Bald Eagle today! We even got pictures!

We had gone to the park to sled. Mom brought her telephoto lens to get pictures of a  cute squirrel that she seen last time at the stuffing his face at the all you can eat bird feeder.  The squirrel was not there.

After we went sledding, we dropped the girls off at a friend’s house.  As we were leaving we saw the eagle.
If Mom did not have her telephoto lens we probably would not have gotten this picture.


elephantI did not crop this picture!  We did not see him until we were almost past him.  He was right next to the road.  This elephant did not need to paint his toenails red to hide in a strawberry patch!