Guess what we saw today!

We saw a Bald Eagle today! We even got pictures!

We had gone to the park to sled. Mom brought her telephoto lens to get pictures of a  cute squirrel that she seen last time at the stuffing his face at the all you can eat bird feeder.  The squirrel was not there.

After we went sledding, we dropped the girls off at a friend’s house.  As we were leaving we saw the eagle.
If Mom did not have her telephoto lens we probably would not have gotten this picture.

3 thoughts on “Guess what we saw today!”

  1. Wonderful! That bird is on the red list for being almost extinct. I have also spotted one in Springfield. that is great that your Mom had her telephoto lens with her. Praise the Lord.

  2. There was a bald eagle (at least 1) in Winona Lake. Angie and I were lucky enough to see it a few times. From what I have read their population is growing, which is great!

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