Mark & Katie Needs and Wants

Klaus’ and Lafe’s Wish lists

Katie would particularly like: Garmin GLO (no significant difference between GLO and GLO 2, whichever is cheaper is fine). Here it is on ebay:

Teas and Hot Drinks: We would love tea and probably use it for our podcast.
Gift cards to Ohio Tea Co.
Organic Peppermint tea bags
Hot chocolate, Prefer not individual packages so I can make as strong as I want. Like dark or milk chocolate.
Chai tea powder. Prefer spiced. (Like Big train or similar)
Pretty much anything from Palais de Thes.
The Ambassador

Non Candy Snacks:
Biltong. We like the Brooklynn biltong.
There are also many different Biltong Brands on Amazon. Feel free to pick something out for us.
Sweet and salty snack mix/trail mix/gorp  Katie’s favorite just has raisins, peanuts and m&M’s

Camera Needs: I have a Canon Rebel T3i with an 18-55mm lens
Tripod, ball joint. Ask mom what would be good.

At least 8 mg, no more than 36 mg Memory Cards: favorites are Extreme Pro, SanDisk or other high quality one (For future)

Kitchen Stuff
Curd knife (like this)
Fermentation weights
Instant pot 3 qt insert (like this, don’t care about brand)
Wall-mounted spice rack
Stainless steel sauce pan or smaller soup pot
Plastic cutting boards. We like the thin ones, ours are starting to wear out.
Silicone baking mats with circle markers (for making macarons)
Infrared digital thermometer

BOOKS: gently used are great.
Thriftbooks Wishlists:
Mark –
Katie –
Klaus –
Lucky Luke comic books by Goscinny and Morris in English please. (The newer books illustrated by Achde’, Pennac and/or Benacquista are not as well drawn)

Bat box
Bluebird house
Hartville Hardware gift cards
Gardening gloves
Harvest apron – something like this


NOOK/Barnes and Noble gift cards.
Good flour (whole wheat, rye, spelt, etc.)
Hartville Hardware gift cards for house projects
Mushroom shelves (here is the file to 3D print them:

Half wave plate for HeNe laser. So gamma/2 where gamma ~633 nm

Beam joiners. I don’t care what, I just need to take two beams and turn the into one while retaining the polarization. A few would be nice.