Chai this At Home

Katie and I have started a podcast, we are both enjoying doing it and would love to have you join us! Katie had been looking for a podcast that was just people discussing the tea, probably drinking it as well. Unfortunately they were all an hour or more of people discussing everything under the sun, including tea. So we started one! It is on all podcasting platforms that we know of, Spotify, youTube and Itunes. We also have a website, you can find that here!


While I have been home, we have gone sledding several times. I enjoy going down with my siblings. I think Andrea and I would normally go down together, or race, when we were younger. I also enjoy going down with Megan. I think she likes going down on laps, she does not need to see to steer.

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I went for a walk today and found some neat things. Unfortunately, because of what the area was like I was having a difficult time keeping my exposure right (They have cliffs here!) I will need to play with those photos a bit more.

I love how the drop caught the light and got such a blue shine. I’m also not sure what photo of the fire hydrant I prefer, what do you think?

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Ever since I started animating I have wanted to try doing an animation, by hand drawing every frame. I stayed away because of the amount of paper and work it would take to redraw every time.  At school there is a wacom tablet I can use, so I decided to try using it to animate.

Yah, it is a stylized animation of the hero in a folktale I read. Don’t ask to spell his name.