Cupid’s replacement

Cupid decided to go on vacation over Valentine’s day this year. (He is a few hundred years old, so I guess we can let him get away with things like that.) Of course he needed to find a replacement. Remember George? Cupid is teaching George to shoot. the method they are trying now is “Aim at everything you don’t want to hit”.

George thinks Sam should have been picked.

Sam and George

Meet Sam and George, Sam likes to plot the destruction of forts, while George likes eating flowers.

This is a nice example of mutualism. Sam has a hard time terrifying the inhabitants of his targets, so he has a dragon along with him (This strategy works about one percent of the time right now, because George is too adorable to be scary). George just gets to graze on the tulips they pass by.

Why Grandma should go Paragliding with me.

Flying above a Barbarian Horde.
Flying above a Barbarian Horde.

I would like to go paragliding more then snorkeling mostly because it sounds neater.  I think that fewer people go paragliding. I do not know the numbers, but you don’t see camps taking the kids on paragliding trips.

Perhaps the reason Grandma should go paragliding with me is to get away from the snakes. When snorkeling you are in danger of encountering both water snakes and the everyday snakes you find on land. When paragliding you only really need to look out for them when you take off and land. The only times you need to look out for flying snakes are when you are in the Amazon or above a Barbarian Horde that is lobbing snakes over castle walls. I don’t know the numbers, but I don’t think those happen very often.

Grandma, shall we schedule a paragliding trip soon?