Dissecting a Shark


Tonight we dissected a shark for marine biology. I don’t think Megan enjoyed it as much as the starfish, but once she got over the smell she had fun finishing it off.

Megan said;

It smelled gross! I liked poking it and it was really fun trying to make it look disgustinger. I poked the eyes into little tiny bits, and made them pop out. They popped back in. I was scrambling the brain.

I think we learned more then my science book planned, like what colour the liquid in an eyeball is and that sharpies draw mustaches on sharks. The book seems just to be concerned with us knowing the location of the “inards”.  I am so glad that we are allowed to play with the shark longer and explore on our own.

Letting Butterflies Free

Releasing ButterfliesAudrey has been raising monarch butterflies to release them. When we went to the park today we let eleven go. We still have some at home but that is because they have OE so we keep them so they do not spread it. You can learn more about it on Audrey’s blog.











In case you are wondering, yes, this is a composite picture. We released the two, and when we looked at the preview, thought we had seen one we just released in the picture. So, just for fun, we added the last one.


MeganWe went to the Nutcracker today. We all enjoyed it.  This was the first time for Megan that she remembers. We think she went to one when she was very tiny.

Megan really enjoyed it.  The only time she was fidgety was during the intermission. Otherwise she sat quietly with rapt attention. When we got home, she started dancing to the music we were playing.

So, today’s guest speaker is Megan.

” The Nutcracker was very good. It snowed in the play. There was girlsis they had tiaras and tutus. They danced they just kicked their legs and spinned around in a circle. It was about girls and boys, there were mice and sheep. The music was pretty. They looked like ballerinas or som’in. It is done. There was one show. Mommy said “It is done” and we went.”

Here are pictures of Megan’s favorite scenes.

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