Easter Surprise! (Plus One)

Alaska had her baby on Easter. It is a girl and we are planning on naming her Rey. She is only ten pounds!

Alaska’s daughter, Princess Leah had her baby yesterday, Audrey found that one. We think it is a girl. We know it does not have a name yet. She is just under 11 pounds.


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We sheared alpacas the other day! It was the fastest year we have had yet, we got done an hour sooner than last year.
Not only did we shear alpacas, some people brought over their angora goats. Goats are less of a group effort, so we got to watch and learn. Sheep and goats can be sheared the same way, but goats are more trouble so it is recommended to have some other equipment. It is not so much a big deal when you are only doing two. I still prefer alpacas.

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Megan also got to help, she is getting big enough to do more each year.

I take alpacas in and out. I had fun helping sweep and tie the bags. I kissed the baby alpacas on their nose and hugged them. I helped tie Finn up. I got to play with the neighbor’s granddaughter. It was loud and fun, but it got a little bit boring sometimes.

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One of the alpacas got sick and died the other day.  I’m not sure what was wrong with her. So now we need to feed her baby, Fin.

He needs fed three times a day, so I go over at mealtimes. He does not like the bottle (or me?) so he fights a lot. In a way that’s good, I can tell he is healthy, but it makes it hard to do things with him.

I hope he calms down before we need to teach him to walk on the harness.

New Baby!

FinnJuno had her first baby Monday! It’s a boy, his name is Finn. Megan likes him. Here is what she says;

He let me hold him.

He is black black so he is hard to take pictures of because his eyes are black. He is also soft. He is small. He has a small neck. He has small ears, but they look big on him. He has long skinny legs, but they are small compared to the other alpaca’s.

When he is big enough to go outside and walk I am going to walk him.

Right now I can hold him and teach him to like people.


Aurra Sing

On Sunday, Sing got caught between the fence and an open gate. We brought her in and called the vet. He told us what to do and she seemed to be getting better. On Monday we stayed and did school with her. We wanted to watch that she was well, and keep her company.MegandrawingSingSingeating

We would give her water occasionally, so we knew that she was drinking. We did not have to bother with eating because she was enjoying her grass buffet.Singdrinking

Yesterday, however, she would not stand and was tipsy when she tried. So, today Mr. Beer took her to the vet to get checked out.

They did some X-rays and she was fine. The vet said to change her medicine to a steroid shot. We also need to give her physical therapy. The vet said that she was trying too hard the other days and should rest more.

She should be doing better quickly.  We are thankful we figured things out and that she was not hurt worse.

P.S.  I did remove the gate 😉


We sheared the Alpacas today. It went well. They all did as well as expected, though some, like Max, did better.

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To shear alpacas you need to tie their legs to locking pulley that is anchored. That keeps them from doing any damage when they kick. Then you shave their sides and take that fiber away. It is the “firsts”, the best.

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After that you shear their neck; that would be the “seconds”. Last, you shear the alpaca’s legs. Most people throw the fiber from the legs away but Andrea and Audrey take it to felt with.

Megan did not like shearing too much at first, but she did enjoy helping with Sing.

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