It’s a girl!!!!!

The first baby alpaca was born at the farm across the street today! 

It is a girl!

The baby’s mom is Ebony.  She does not have a name yet.  She is so cute; almost all legs and neck! All of these pictures are of her at about an hour old!

She was walking when we saw her first. We did not see her being born :(.  I went to work today and the baby alpaca most have been born a few minutes earlier, because the rest of the alpacas had gone inside. When they came out, they were acting like they did not know there was a baby out there. We had gone over to see it and the other alpacas were eating. I fed the goats and then ran home to tell Momma. When we came back, all the rest of the alpacas had gone outside to say hello to the baby. Momma alpaca would not let them get to close!

When we put Ebony and her baby in a stall so they could have mommy and baby time, Ebony started humming and baby alpaca started to  hum. Then Black Beauty, Ebony’s other daughter, started humming. The Ebony started humming again.

I hope to get to see the next one born. I hope to have my camera too! The baby is going to be an aunt sometime this month.

A baby alpaca is called a cria. They weigh about 20 pounds at birth (about what Megan weighs now).  It takes them about 15 minutes to learn to walk. The baby alpaca walks better than Megan does now.

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear ___________, Happy birthday to you!!!!!  🙂

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