New Cousin!!!

Mark and NaomiMegan is my guest speaker today.  She is going to tell you about our newest cousin.

I have a baby cousin. Her name “Omi”. I holded her.  I have to sit by a pillow and be very ‘entle. You don’t want to ‘urt her. and Mark holded her. And Audrey did.  And Anya did. Megan and NaomiAdrian and Mommy hold Nami.

Nami is like Broom because she is little big. Broom is more little. Nami is cute.

Nami’s big brother is Jonah. Jonah love her. Megan is bigger then him. I love Jonah and Nami.”


3 thoughts on “New Cousin!!!”

  1. My oldest grandchild and my youngest grandchild and the littlest sister of my oldest grandson holding my littlest granddaughter. Hugs! Cute pictures.

  2. Those are some beautiful pictures. Naomi Shalom means “beautiful peace.”

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