Jump Rope

We bought a new rope that is much easier to jump with, it also hurts a lot more when you are hit!

I like to jump to “Teddy Bear” and show off!


Thirteen years ago, we welcomed a little boy to our home.  He was so little! Soon after, we took this adorable little boy to the transmitter site where Daddy worked. While there, one of the workers took Mark and blessed him. With Mark raised high in the air, God was thanked for this new little boy.  Then God was asked to lead and guide Mark to grow up knowing who He was.

I am so thankful for this little boy, who is growing to be a man. I continue to pray that, the desires of Mark’s heart is to follow and obey God all the days of his life. I pray for his willingness to live the truth and make Biblical choices.  I pray for his life to continue to be a light that shines brightly!

Happy Birthday Mark!  Daddy and I love you very much! 🙂

Happy Birthday

One year oldEleven years ago at 8:15 in the morning, a very tiny little bundle was born.  Very tiny, and very cute, this bundle was one of the best gifts that God has given Daddy and me.  Daddy called to let people know that you had arrived, waking them up in the middle of the night!  Funny how living in different countries can do that.

Happy BirthdayNow this bundle is much bigger, still very cute and still one of the best gifts we have from God.

Daddy and I love you very much!  Happy Birthday.

A Proud Momma

MowingMowing the lawnOur lawn is really needing to be mowed.  Today I was working on it and Mark asked if he could help!  He worked on the lawn some while I made lunch!  This was his first time really mowing the lawn. Last year he practiced once.

Thanks Mark!

Self Portrait

This is what happens when you let a nine year old loose with a camera with a timer and a tripod.

Mark, age 9

Mark did this literally behind my back.  I was working on the computer on the other side of the room!

I love your goofiness, Mark!  Thank you for all the smiles.

I love you!