Upside Down Tea


Once upon a time a young lord went foxhunting. His name was Bob (I think). As he was riding though the woods (a little lost, I must admit) he ran into a stick that flipped him off his horse (poor guy). When he came to he was tied up in what seemed to be a smuggler’s cave (and for a very good reason). He heard footsteaps behind him and he turned, there stood a person who seemed to be a smuggler boss (And for a very good reason).
“Do you know where you were?”
“Perhaps.” (Bob had in fact, forgotten about the foxhunt.)
Bob looked down at his clothes.
“You don’t remember?”
“Do you say anything other then ‘perhaps’?”
Bob’s eyes twinkled, though the rest of his expression never changed.

The Smuggler turned on his heel and walked out yelling something to his gang (“Not the biggest” he had always said, “but too many people and word will get out.”)

“Alright Kala and Kaylor, you two brought him here, you guard him!”

“I thought we were going to help pick the goods up tonight.” A feminine voice whined.

“Not anymore.”

The clicking of heels came down the tunnel and two nearly identical young ladies appeared (They were identical twins, but haircuts and scars provided simple ways to identify them).

“Hello Ladies.” Bob said and attempted a slight bow (Something that is hard to do tied up).

Kala (or Kaylor, he was not sure at the moment) kicked him.

“Shutup you idiot.”

“Yah, you ruined our plans.”

“I am sorry about any incon–” He was awarded with another kick.


The rest of the cave went silent, the smugglers seemed to have left (and for a very good reason). The two ladies pulled out some cards and began playing.

“It seems to be nearly tea time?” Bob asked.

Kala looked at her watch. “It does.”

When they made no move to get any Bob asked for some.


“I don’t function properly without my Tea.”




Bob continued bugging them until they finally gave in on one condition. “We get to tie you up the way we want to.”


Kala went to get the tea stuff (Buried under all sorts of smuggled goods) while Kaylor wrapped rope around his feet. When the water was on to boil Kala came and looped the end of the rope to a hook on the ceiling, then together they pulled it so his feet were next to it.

The teapot whistled. “The water is hot, put the leaves in would you?”

Kaylor chuckled, “Think you can drink like that?”

Bob nodded and watched eagerly as the tea steeped. Kala grinned as she poured the tea into a cup, “Milk and sugar?”

“Yes, two lumps please.”

Kala handed the cup to Bob who sipped it and smiled (although to draw it it looked more like a frown), “Perfect.”

Kala and Kaylor looked at each other, surprised.

The pot was half way finished when the door shattered and policemen poured in, capturing the Smugglers (Surprise, surprise).

At the station they asked Bob about his experience. “They make good tea,” was all he said. (He really liked tea.)

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