Prison Escape!

Painted Lady escape3 butter flies that wire prisoners escaped here is the story:

it was time for dinner; 3 out of 5 (the roughest) some how squeezed throo the security. Here is the names of the escapees; Vanessa cardui,Side view of Painted Lady Lepidoptera, and Nymphalidae.

They are international criminals! They are hard to catch because they have 10,000 eyes! YIPES! They have been known to fly 1,000 miles in their lifetime of 2 to 4 weeks!

Painted LadyThey are ???? “on the lam” (on the run) in Elkhart somewhere! Be on the watch for these dangerous criminals! If you see them, report to McGuire police IMMEDIATELY! They did not leave with any arms, we assume they are still unarmed.

New jewelry



** Their names are made up from the scientific name of the Painted Lady Butterfly Vanessa cardui, from the scientific order of Lepidoptera, and Nymphalidae says that she is from the “Brush Footed Butterfly” family. (Whatever that means)

Thanks Momma for helping me make up the names 🙂

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  1. I’ve seen a couple outside my front window, but they don’t look like the pictures you have here……….

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