Nature Explorers

Nature Explorer Camp was fun fun fun…my favorite was… (drum roll please)Mark and my friend Lucas
swamp tromp!!!!!we “tromped”in a swamp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We saw bugs, a great horned owl, rabbits, Dino (a salamander I think I told you about before), and in the river we found a baby Snapping Turtle. One of the kids caught it with a net.

Maryam and meWe saw berries, berries (berries in my stomach) and more berries. We ate “natural black licorice”. It is a plant that was yummy. There was garlic mustard plant, but I didn’t eat any!

Today I caught bugs and got a shield bug. I caught a cricket.   Maryam caught a dragon fly! I want to make a bug collection 🙂 .

We were playing hide and seek. The person who was seeking could only stay in one place. When Miss Krista called “go”, we went ten feet closer, I won. They could not find me 🙂 .The girls found blackberries

Then we played, made my gourd bird houses and went home.

Found, one turtle!When I was doing my class, the girls found a turtle and berries. They were playing at the park for awhile. Miss Krista says that berries are the only thing that you can pick at the park.

I want to do it again next year. It would make a good Nature Nuts class for bigger kids.

Maryam said, “I like it!”

I will try to put a few more pictures in soon.

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