I have Painted Lady Butterflies. They just came out of the chrysalises a couple of days ago; Audrey calls them crystals.

They are not real big. Momma told me they were mating last night, I got to watch them. I am waiting for eggs!

Here is the caterpillar/butterfly chart

  • 9 June received caterpillars in mail-all wiggle
  • 10 June Eating, growing, spinning “webs”
  • 11 June 18-20 mm long
  • 12 June approximately 30-35mm long! Lots of wiggling, more “web thinga majigys”
  • 13 June approximately 40 mm long
  • 14 June Making chrysalis’s upside down, 9:30 p.m all hanging upside down
  • 15 June Chrysalises completed
  • 17 June Chrysalises hardened, time to move to butterfly garden home
  • 21 June 3 Butterflies emerged overnight, I missed because I was at Reece and Cardin’s house. Messing up their house with “Meconium” (leftover tissue from developing into butterflies)
  • 21 June 2 Butterflies emerged before 10:30, I missed because I was at Scout Camp.
  • Put flowers in cage and put sugar water of fresher flowers to feed butterflies.
  • 24 June Butterflies mating, hoping for eggs!

They look nice. I would recommend growing butterflies.

Scout camp was fun. I got to make a rocket; it was fun. I got to earn beads doing activities; it was fun. I learned that the number one pollution in Elkhart, IN can be reduced (I don’t remember what it is but it was with the fish). I got four shots total in the middle (bulls eyes) in both times I shot the BB’s; it was fun. I got to play with Reece and Cardin, Cody and Lucas, and James; it was fun 🙂 !

It was fun, I want to do it next year.

p.s. My very favorite things were nature walks, the BB’s and seeing the fish.

4 thoughts on “Butterflies!”

  1. Mark,
    That is very interesting. I was wondering if all the
    caterpillars lived and spun a chrysalis and if all the butterflies hatched out of the chrysalis. It will be interesting to see if they lay eggs and start all over again.

    Love you lots.

  2. Oma, I don’t know if they will lay the eggs, but they all lived through the whole cycle. Miss Krista said that she could not find pictures of them, but the eggs are greenish blueish things. I don’t see any yet.

  3. Auntie Angelique,

    We took pictures, but I am not sure if any of them are good. I will look. Their house screen made them bad.

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