Two stories about Caterpillars

This is from Audrey:

AudreyI love caterpillars. Sometimes we see a big caterpillar and sometimes we see little caterpillars. We have 5 caterpillars in our house. Soon they will turn into butterflies. I just know that! I always like caterpillars. I so much love caterpillars!

Our caterpillars are turning their crystals. They are spinning their web into crystals. They are almost ready to turn into crystals, they go into their crystals, and they will turn into butterflies.

I like to watch them because they are my favorite thing. Hee hee hee.

Oma taught me this. (I love you Oma!)

I have a fuzzy little caterpillar. He wiggled long, he wiggled short, he wiggled right to me. I put him in a covered box, “Don’t go away” I said. Then I peeked inside and saw a butterfly! I could never make one, if I even tried. Only God in heaven can make a butterfly!

Here is a story from Andrea.

AndreaI like caterpillars because they turn into butterflies. I like caterpillars because they hatch out of eggs. I like caterpillars because them make cocoons. I like caterpillars because I do like them.

I like pink butterflies because I like pink. I like pink, purple and blue. There are also orange ones and white ones. I saw one color white butterfly with orange stripes on the porch.

I also like butterflies because they are beautiful!

I also like butterflies because them fly around different states, like America, Pakistan, Florida, Indiana and South Africa. Them fly all over the States!

Keep you updated on our caterpillars.  They are starting to spin chrysalis.   They are all at the top their lid.

One thought on “Two stories about Caterpillars”

  1. I loved your blogs. You did a good job. I like some caterpillars and some I don’t. Your great-grandpa Reble used to always call butterflys, flutterbys because they just fluttered by.

    Love you, too. Lots and lots.

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