Audrey’s Belated Birthday

Audrey loves ice cream

Audrey loves peoniesLaetus natalis, tibi. Laetus natalis, tibi.
Laetus natalis, tibi.
Laetus natalis, cara, Laetus natalis, tibi.



Guess what language this is and why I did it!

Audrey loves being 5!

Audrey loves daisiesYesterday was Audrey’s birthday. She is now five years old!Audrey loves playing in water

She is fun. Like when she is trying to stand on her head, she falls every few seconds. She says “I did it for 92 seconds!” She plays lots.

She loves “”Georgies”. So far she has a collection of four Curious Georgies, plus uno mas. She will get that one when we have her cake tonight. She is wanting a Georgie cake for her family birthday.

Audrey loves “Georgie”

Audrey loves poniesShe loves duckies and playing with her sister. She loves horses. SheAudrey loves to make us laugh also loves babies.

Now for the answer. I want to learn Latin, so that is why the Happy Birthday song is written in Latin. Momma helped me find it. I want to learn Latin because I want to understand the English words that started in Latin more and it will help me understand the Asterix books a little better.

One thought on “Audrey’s Belated Birthday”

  1. I knew it was Latin. I did Latin at school too!
    It did help with English , but not with siSwati. Oh,dear. I still struggle with siSwati.

    Hope you had a lovely birthday! A wonderful age to be.

    I am going to a game park next weekend and Duane and 5 friends are coming. I will put some pictures for you to see then. Love Auny Lorraine

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