You are invited!

I am doing choir this year. This Saturday is the Musical. It is called “Living Inside Out”. I know it is a funny name, but you will understand it if you watch it all, or listen to the song “Living inside out”.

When: This Saturday (17 May, 2008)

Cost: Free!

Time: 6:00 p.m.

Where: First Baptist Church

53953 County Road 17

Bristol, IN 46507

Come if you want, but I would love you to come if you can!

P.S. The eggs disappeared. We think that a raccoon got to them. šŸ™

One thought on “You are invited!”

  1. Sorry that the eggs disapeared!

    I shall be praying for you in the choir , If I had lived nearby I would have come. I hope it all goes well and Jesus would be honoured.

    Aunty Lorraine

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