Miss Krista

Miss Krista teaches us about nature

Miss Krista is my science teacher. She is a Naturalist at Oxbow Park. She also teaches Science Sleuths and Nature Nuts. This summer she is going to (like last year) do a science camp! Andrea and I are going to science camp.

I am writing about Miss Krista because it is her birthday today.

Miss Krista is a good teacher. I like doing most of the science things she does.

Scout Conservation Award

She helped me earn my Cub Scout Conservation Award. She let me help put up some Bluebird boxes. We made the bluebird boxes a couple of weeks ago.Pounding in pole

Moving to next siteThe day before Audrey’s birthday we put up the bluebird boxes. We brought the poles and the boxes and everything else we needed. We hammered in the poles, unless they were already in; then we replaced the broken bluebird boxes. Then we screwed them on.

An interesting thing we learned was Swallows and Bluebirds will “babysit” each others houses (or hotels) if they are near each other. We put ours 20 feet apart, if it is too close they may fight. When we were too close to the one house, the swallows would– “hey look out where you are going”–dive bomb us! “Look out!”

Before we left we checked the rest of the unbroken Bluebird boxes for baby bluebirds. (Say that out loud five times fast!) If there were baby bluebirds are baby swallows in the bluebird boxes, we were glad. We put up twelve boxes in about three hours!Manager and Owner of Hotel MarkPutting up Bluebird house

Hotel Mark

She’s taught me about all sorts of interesting things; like scat–my favorite–, salamanders, turkeys, animal tracks, and all sorts of other things.

Have a great birthday and have fun Miss Krista.

We saw a Jumping Spider

Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher!

We saw a dragonflyHere is a dragon fly and a boing!–Jumping–Spider that we saw while working.