New Cousin!!!

Mark and NaomiMegan is my guest speaker today.  She is going to tell you about our newest cousin.

I have a baby cousin. Her name “Omi”. I holded her.  I have to sit by a pillow and be very ‘entle. You don’t want to ‘urt her. and Mark holded her. And Audrey did.  And Anya did. Megan and NaomiAdrian and Mommy hold Nami.

Nami is like Broom because she is little big. Broom is more little. Nami is cute.

Nami’s big brother is Jonah. Jonah love her. Megan is bigger then him. I love Jonah and Nami.”



Yesterday Mommy put out candles and tried to get good pictures of us with it.

Mom was taking pictures of Audrey and Megan and I thought one of me and Megan would be neat.

This is one of my favorites.

Working Hard

We are making garden boxes this year. We think that one reason our garden has not been doing well is the garden is next to a half-time “swamp”.

We just finished layering them with rocks and sand. The next step will be to put dirt and manure on before planting the gardens. We were moving the sand with the tractor. The kids decided they wanted a ride back to the sand pile before the next fill up. We were taking a ride around the yard while the girls sang “Dashing through the grass.”

Here we are waving hello and sending “I love yous” to Oma and Opa!




Mark and JonahWe have a new cousin!  His name is Jonah Obadiah McGuire.

We went to see him yesterday. He felt much smaller then I remember Megan to have been.

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday dear Jonah.

Happy birthday to you!!!!! 

Tasting Weird Food

The other day Daddy brought us some shellfish to try.We think they were clams. They were frozen so Mommy defrosted and then steamed them. Then we added garlic and butter.

I thought they tasted like sandy fish…

Audrey thought they tasted … ummmm … well… OK…?

Every one else who tasted them thought they were GROSS!

Here are the reactions… (I HIGHLY recommend double clicking on Megan’s picture to see it full size!)

Bible Cover

Bible CoverFor Christmas Momma and Daddy got me a Bible. I did not have a cover that fit it. So I asked Momma if she could help me make a Bible cover using one of Great Grandma’s shirts. Momma had saved some shirts because she thought she could use it on a quilt she has been wanting to make.  I remember a red shirt more, but it did not look right for the Bible cover.  The inside is lined with more of the green.

I wanted to use the shirt because Great Grandma was my first best friend.  I miss sitting on her lap and reading with her. (Though Momma said I would not fit anymore 🙂 ) Grandma liked to sit and read with us. We would watch the birds together while she told me stories.

Momma found these fun pictures of me with Grandma!grandma


Mark with Grandma Christmas

Countdown to Thanksgiving– Momma

Today I am thankful for Momma.

She enjoys cooking (and letting us learn how to too).

Momma also likes taking pictures (and letting us learn how to too).

She also likes to sew (and letting us learn how to too).

Another thing she likes is the songs in The Fellowship Of The Ring especially this one;

Sing hay!

For the bath at the end of the day!

That washes the weary mud away!

A loon is he that will not sing.

O water hot is a noble thing

She also likes this song;

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday dear Mommy,

Happy birthday to you!!!!! 

Happy Birthday Mommy!