Today is Thomas’ 9th birthday!


Thomas is my friend.  He is lots of fun.  He teaches me how to play games and last year especially he used to sneak up at me at church!

He can walk upside down on his hands!  When he does it, I think, how does he do that?  I have tried doing it and I can not do it!

Next month he is going to the Dominican Republic.

He is learning Morse code.  A Stag Beetle (I think) that Thomas found!

He found this Stag beetle and sent me the picture of it.  He also gave me a Tiger Swallowtail butterfly he found for my collection.  (His Mom helped him).

…..-.–..–.-.–  -……-.-….-…–.–  -….—–.-…!

Can you guess what this is?

..  .—   –..-…–..  -…..–  -.—–..-  .-.-..  —.–  ..-..-….-.-…-.-.-

This is FUN  for everybody! 

Click on the above link to get to the fun place.  Read the page directions and have fun playing!  I like the drums the best.

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  1. Mark, thank you for the “happy birthday” page on your blog. I liked it! I hope to see you soon. Your friend, Thomas

  2. I listened to the morse code music! I also passed it on to E, Duane and John! Hope they also have fun listening to it!

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