Faster and Eating



Faster and Eating emerged this weekend.  When we had to let them go, I really did not Mark holding Eatingwant to.

AndreaEating, I had to leave to get him to go.  We got to play with him a little bit.  We had fun with him.   The girls got him in their hair.  We tried on Adrian, but he went “No! No! No! No!”.    He climbed on my finger and all over me.  We tried to get him onto a flower.

He emerged in the morning when it wasn’t to warm.  It means that he could not fly as well.  Plus I think he liked me, because he would not fly away when I held him outside.

Faster did not come quite as fast, but he flew away fast!  (Maybe Faster was a good name for him!)  He came about 10:30.   When he was about to come, Momma Emergingsaid she heard a crack and told us to come.  We got to see him emerge most of the way!

We let him free around 1:30.  The weather was warm!Emerging

Whenever we tried to play with him, he would fly to the window.   He was ready to leave.  I did not want him to leave yet.   When we took him outside, he just flew around the tree and I think into the woods.

Later that day we saw another butterfly that looked like he had emerged that day.

Letting Eating Free

One thought on “Faster and Eating”

  1. I found this poem about butterflies. What do you think of it?

    The Caterpillar
    by Dougals Florian
    From the book Insectlopedia ©1998

    She eats eight leaves at least
    To fill her,
    Which leaves her like a
    Then rents a room inside
    A pupa,
    And checks out: Madame Butterfly-
    How super!

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