Chrysalises Galore!

Holding a caterpillar

Beginning moltingYesterday, six caterpillars made their chrysalises!  Today, just one did.  We onlyMolting still have one caterpillar left!

My friend, Thomas and mom and sister Sarah, came over to watch them make their chrysalises.  We played outside, played inside and watched them make their chrysalises.

We learned a few things;

  • Caterpillars act like an accordion before they make their chrysalises
  • When they molt before turning into chrysalises they look like they have a really bigCaterpillars Hanging brain
  • It looks like their skin splits as they molt
  • It is only a matter of minutes to molt and change into chrysalises
  • They take different amounts of time to molt
  • The newest ones will probably “hatch” Thursday or Friday.
  • Eating and Faster may emerge on Sunday–ohhhh 🙁
  • Our last one is roaming
  • They can form their chrysalis wherever; some are on leaves, some on coffee filters and some on the glass! Our chrysalises

We have questions

  • Do you know if they are attached to the side, will they survive?
  • Will they turn into caterpillars in the same order as they formed chrysalises?
  • Will I be able to raise Luna Moths next year?
  • Do you think it would be fun to raise Monarchs?

Today is Sarah’s Birthday.  She is eleven!  Happy Birthday Sarah!

3 thoughts on “Chrysalises Galore!”

  1. If they are attached to the side, will they survive… the issue is not if they are on their side, rather the question is do they have enough room to do everything that they need too! If they have enough space to work… then the fact that they are on their side should not be a problem.

    Usually, they do transform in the same order… but not ALWAYS! 🙂

    YES, it would be fun to raise Monarchs!! 🙂

    Uncle Joe

  2. WOW! I can’t believe all the butterflies you are going to have! If I had a butterfly garden,I’d hire you as my entomologist!
    Love you!

  3. It was such a joy to be with you and your family and to SEE your monarchs in their various stages. We serve a Great God ! Power in the 5cm “worms”.

    Hope you and your family have much more fun.
    Aunty Lorraine

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