A Miracle!

Our caterpillars eat lots!On 22 August we moved the Peanut Butter, the Hatchery, and the Nursery caterpillars to the clean cage.  We put the Blue Lid Caterpillars into the Nursery.

The caterpillars in the cage eat and eat and eat and eat!  We kept going to get milkweed!  The night before emerging.They ate it all again.  Then in the night we had to get some!  Then in the morning we had to get some more! ):

Just before emerging.Saturday night we were worried that our butterfly might not make it, cause her chrysalis was turning black.  We could sort of see through it though, so we did not know.

On Sunday morning before church we watched the first butterfly emerge!  I missed it up to her head coming out.  Then I watched her pump up her wings.   We went to church.Wings are dry

Just out!

Pumping up wings

When we got home, she was drying out her wings.  She did not want to eat.  We broughtButterfly her outside and she flittered away!

I didn’t want to let her go.  We worked so hard to raise.  We let her go so she could migrate to Mexico.  I want to go to Mexico when it is winter here.  So I can see if we can go to see lots of monarchs hibernate in big big big BIG groups!My butterfly

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  1. Mark how amazing! I love your post and the pictures are fabulous :o) You are doing such an awesome job in school :o) I’m so proud of my nephew :oD. I agree, it would be fun to go to Mexico and see all the Monarch butterflies.

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