Summer jobs

I have two jobs this year.  One is mowing a lawn for a neighbor. I might do that once every other week.

I like the other job better. It is helping some other neighbors with their alpacas and goats. It is fun!  They have six alpacas and two baby alpacas–their names are Chewbacca and Princes Leia. I feed them and sometimes clean their area. Once a month I help do a major cleaning and help with their shots.

The  neighbors got two Great Perinees puppies yesterday to help guard the alpacas! Both the dogs are ankle biter size. One dog’s name is Lisa, the other is Lucy.  They look almost the exactly the same! I will help teach the dogs where they can go and where they can’t go. They were born on an alpaca farm so they watched their mom do what they are supposed to learn.

I think the alpacas are more intimating then the fuzz ball dogs!

I like my jobs! I like getting to know my neighbors better too. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Summer jobs”

  1. It does sound like a fun job! Does he let you have the “stuff” you clean up from their pens for your garden or do they use it all on theirs? Even the straw mixed with the other “stuff” would be good for the garden.

    In the winter you will need a “chore coat and boots” because you know what they will smell like…. 8<) (Me with a clothespin on my nose.)ha, ha. I am so glad you are enjoying your job. Cute animals,too. I might have an old coat here if you need one.

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