Spring? Or not?

Two Robins

Look! Robins! It is spring; Momma always says that “robins are the first sign of spring”.

These robins were in our front yard this morning. There were even more! I could not count them all.

Robin The computer has a message that there would be loooootttsss of snow; between three and seven inches. I am hoping that it is all packing snow and twice as many inches (that equals fourteen inches).

I want to make an igloo in the front yard. Two Robins

Trivia Questions!

  • Do you know what robins like to eat?
  • Do you know what male robins do during breeding season?
  • Where do they stay in the winter?
  • Momma’s question: Why did we get so many robins ? We’ve never seen that many robins at the same time.

Scientific Classification of the American Robin
(Thanks Wikipedia!)

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Turdidae
Genus: Turdus
Species: T. migratorius
Binomial name: Turdus migratorius

7 thoughts on “Spring? Or not?”

  1. Yea!! I am glad that spring is on the way. At least the birds think so.

    Mrs. Gingerich told me today at school that she saw 6 bluebirds on her porch rail. I know they stay around, but for all of them to be out together, they must think a change in the weather is coming. (Maybe it is a big snow storm?) Would birds know that?

    I love you. Hugs and kisses to your brother and sisters!!

  2. Your questions about the robins reminded me of this poem that Great Grandma used to tell me when I was little. It tells you what robins do in the winter, poor things.

    The North Wind Doth Blow


    The north wind doth blow,
    And we shall have snow,
    And what will poor robin do then,
    Poor thing?
    He’ll sit in a barn,
    And keep himself warm,
    And hide his head under his wing,
    Poor thing.

    The north wind doth blow,
    And we shall have snow,
    And what will the dormouse do then,
    Poor thing?
    Roll’d up like a ball,
    In his nest snug and small,
    He’ll sleep till warm weather comes in,
    Poor thing.

    The north wind doth blow,
    And we shall have snow,
    And what will the children do then,
    Poor things?
    When lessons are done,
    They must skip hump, and run,
    Until they have made themselves warm,
    Poor things.

  3. This is what the national weather service is predicting for Tuesday:

    … Winter Storm Warning in effect from 1 am EST /midnight CST/Tuesday to 7 am EST /6 am CST/ Wednesday…

    The National Weather Service in northern Indiana has issued a Winter Storm Warning… which is in effect from 1 am EST midnight CST/ Tuesday to 7 am EST /6 am CST/ Wednesday. The Winter Storm Watch is no longer in effect.

    Snow is expected to develop tonight and continue through Tuesday night. Snow will likely be heavy at times on Tuesday. Total snow accumulations through early Wednesday morning will range from 10 to 13 inches. In addition… brisk northeast winds of 20 to 25 mph with gusts around 35 mph will cause considerable blowing and drifting snow Tuesday into Tuesday night… with whiteout conditions and some impassable roads possible.

  4. #1 C:little berry seeds R: worms
    #2 C: Breed R: Sleep
    #3 C: fly south or a warm place to stay R: Their nest’s
    #4 C: See #2 R: they are fruitful and increase in number

  5. Reece and Cardin are right. They like to eat berries and worms and insects.

    During breeding season, yes, they do breed, but the males grow black feathers on their heads. After breeding season the black feathers go away.

    Cardin and Reece are right, they fly south and probably find a warm place to stay.

    There were so many because of breeding or migrating, I think.

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