Dinosaurs and the Bible Conference

Daddy and I went to a conference at Maple City Chapel. Gary Rheinheimer was the teacher. He did pretty good. I knew about most of the experiments, I liked doing one of them. Cardin and I were trying to pull plungers apart. We couldn’t, because of air pressure.

To go with the plungers there was toilet paper! We unrolled the paper by air pressure with a leaf blower (Mr Rheinheimer got to do that!). He did not know how to use it and the bottom fell off! That was the funniest part. The toilet paper sailed out when he turned the leaf blower on and aimed it at the toilet paper! If it were twice as long, it would have gotten to the other side, plus!

One thing that I knew, but probably most people didn’t, was that the ark was not small and overcrowded. Because God told Noah exactly how to make it (Big) and what it should look like.

We spent a lot of time on dinosaurs. All dinosaurs were created on the sixth day. There is no oldest kind!

Won queston I had was or thar danosors stil living? (Momma let me write that sentence)

Yes, there are. Some examples ares, Nestle, in Lake Erie. Pressie lives in Lake Superior, both in America. The Loch Ness Monster is in Loch Ness Scotland. People say that they have seen them and evidence of them. These three are unproven.

If they are real, then there must be to be two, because all animals have to have a male and a female so that they can survive and have babies. Maybe they burrow down in the water and live in there somewhere. I don’t know, because I don’t know the conditions there.

Because someone saw one of them on shore, and watched it for ten or fifteen minutes, it’s probably real or someone made a pretend one. One (or two) of life’s mysteries.

There is another one in central Africa called a Mokele-mbembe. It has round footprints, and a long neck and four legs. Some people on an expedition saw it. One of them wanted to get closer. But the natives of Gabon said that it was a “god”. (Wrong!, but that’s what they believed) There is only one God, and he created everything! Here’s an interesting web site with more information; http://www.mokelembembe.com.

Then there is the Komodo dragon.Komodo Dragon This one is true. They live in Indonesia and are meat eaters.

We learned what real science is. It is observable. It can only be done today. It is repeatable. Cardin helped me remember this part.

Here’s an experiment. Get a paint can and drill a hole in the lid. Save the lid. Get some hot water, a brownie pan and some cold water and something to plug the hole. Put the hot water in the paint can, cover it with the lid and put paper towel in the hole. Put the cold water in the pan you cook brownies in. Put the paint can in the cold water pan. Pour some cold water over the paint can until the paint can starts closing in. The can will break apart.

This is real science because it is observable, it can be done today, and it is repeatable! Thank you Cardin, for taking good notes and helping me remember this!

Thank you Mr. Rheinheimer, I enjoyed your class a lot!

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  1. The most important part you need to remember, Mark, is there is a God and God made everything including you. You need to make Him the most important part of your life……I’m glad you enjoyed the conferance and learned something important about how God works in our world. One day you’ll have to show me that experiment…..

    Love you, Nana and Papa

  2. Mark,
    That conference sounds quite interesting. I am glad that you are learning about true science and Who is in control.

    I love you.

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