Yummy recipe!

Oh! What’s that smell? Chocolate? Yummm….. Here’s an easy recipe for a yummy desert or an easy gift.

pretzelsYou need: Pretzels (the heart shaped ones), Some yummy M&M’s and some Herseys Kisses and a cookie pan and an oven set to 300 degrees to warm up.

AudreyTake some of the pretzels and put on the pan. Place the Hersey’s Kisses on the pretzels. Then have a GROWN UP put them in the oven until they start getting soft. They will get MESSY, TO MESSY, for you to put on the yummy M&Ms if they get too soft.

My mouth is watering, just talking about it!

Finished productThen have a grown up (or whoever put it in the oven) take it out of the oven and put them on a hot pad. Now put on the yummy M&Ms. Put them on the top on the almost finished yummy recipe. Cool and eat. (drool, drool, drool. I have a watering mouth again.)


Well, that’s the end of them!

4 thoughts on “Yummy recipe!”

  1. I can see by the picture that your sister tried some chocolate before it got onto the cookie!

    Love you!
    Uncle Sam

  2. I ate some too! Momma says that they are good. Adrian says “I want some pretzels! Yum yumm yumm yumm, gobble gobble!”

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