Please help Naming this Picture

This summer I found a unknown seed that I think is a tree that is sprouting.

There is a parks photo contest that I want to enter.  I decided to change the seed picture to make it more interesting. This is the version momma and I like best.  It is the one I will use for the contest, but I can not think of a name for it.

On the right is the original. Momma played with the shading.  I then copied it twice, downsized the copies and made them look like babies. I erased a little bit of the junk. I then “colored” in the rest. It was fun.

The name needs to have something about seed or unknown seed and preferably  ostrich.

Thank you in advance!


5 thoughts on “Please help Naming this Picture”

  1. How about Prancing Ostrich Sprouts or Springing Smiling Seedling Sprouts with a Stance.

  2. How about Invasive Sprouts?
    Or Foreign Exchange Sprouts? (instead of Students?)

    Very nicely done. I like your picture.

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