Greek Cooking, Dolmades

On New Year’s Eve, we made this recipe.  Daddy has a friend that he asked for a good Greek recipe.  Mrs. Rankin says that her family makes a huge amount of  Dolmades for Christmas Eve every year.

We had to hunt for ground lamb. It is hard to find where we live. We also had to find grape leaves, lemons and dried mint. We already had everything else at  home.

We mixed the lamb, dried mint, rice and spices in a big bowl. Then we made them into logs and wrapped them in grape leaves. When they were done, they looked like miniature green burritos.

Megan REALLY liked them!

Then we simmered them in chicken broth with a plate over the top. Then Daddy made a sauce out of the broth, lemon and egg yolk.  To eat them, you put a few on your plate and pour the sauce over them if you want to. Sprinkle Feta cheese and black olives over them if you have them.

It was rather easy, but took a long time. It was good. We are divided on whether they were too lemony or not. I hope that we make it again.