Monarch Egg Nursery Started

Looking for eggsWe found between 8-10 Monarch eggs down the road.  We are going to raise them.  We are trying to keep them all the same age this year.

Egg on Milkweed

We are also going to put sand on the bottom of their cages when they get bigger.  We only have to pour out the sand and put in clean sand to clean their cages.

Because we got them early, we can do twice as many (Momma says maybe) and let them mate.  Then they can lay eggs.  This set will last only a couple of weeks before dying so they have to lay their eggs quickly.  Maybe we can watch the babies grow.  🙂

Monarch Nursery

P.S.  Do you have any ideas on how to raise Luna Moths?   That would be fun too.   Momma said we could if we learn how and where to get the eggs or caterpillars and food.

One thought on “Monarch Egg Nursery Started”

  1. Oma has some monarch eggs in her front flower bed. There’s a milkweed plant growing by the garage. I’m sure she’d love it if you pulled it out and took the eggs!

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