Oma and Opa are in Alaska.   They are visiting Opa’s sister, Aunt Debbie, and Uncle Dan.  They want to see some moose.  I want them to see a bear!  Hopefully they have a camera and use it 🙂 .  If they send me pictures, I will post them here.  Please send me pictures Oma!

They said that it is still bright around 3:00 a.m.  Now you know why it is called the Land of the Midnight Sun.

Jo-you-know that Juneau is the capital?

Thanks Wikipedia!I like this picture because it shows the real size of Alaska.  It is BIG!

The Iditarod dog sled race goes from Anchorage to Nome.  It is to honor people who race sled dogs because in 1925 children needed medicine because they had diphtheria.  Dog sleds were the only thing that could get where they were and get the medicine there.

I am going to learn more about Alaska this week.  I’llaska Momma and Daddy if we can go to Alaska someday soon 😉

Dream Float PlaneHere is a picture of my dream Float Plane.  The two middle bottom window are where it lands so you can take pictures of underwater and watch it.  The two on the side are for stability and passenger seat windows.    The top window is for the pilot and co-pilot, the extra wings are for stability and if you run out of gas, it glides nicely.  The one on the top has motors so the motors don’t get wet, the big “wheel” at the back is the main engine that you can get wet.