13 June 2009

today was : (tick one)

  1.  Last Game of the SeasonThe kick off
  2.  a Birthday!
  3. an anniversary
  4. a bad day
  5. a good day

If you answered 1 and 5, you are right!

We lost my soccer game 4-12!  Momma said we played hard and looked like we were having fun.  She also said the other team played to win.  Who had the best time?  Me!Kick itGet the ball!

Running fast

Resting after a hard gameWe went to Rhapsody in Green  (Grandpa played the french horn good)

Tore down the coffee shop (please pray that we sell lots of stuff soon)

Rhapsody in Rain


3 thoughts on “13 June 2009”

  1. Mark, you forgot to mention that Rhapsody in Green is a music weekend with lots of different bands. Grandpa is in the New Horizon band. We listened to his band play today while we sat in the rain!

    You did a good job today. Thanks for your good attitude at your game and all the help you gave us.

    I love you lots!

  2. Mark, thanks for coming to watch me play today. Too bad it had to rain or we would of had more fun over there.

    I am also happy that it was a good day for you.

  3. Nice pictures, Mark! Glad that you enjoy soccer. It is a fun game.

    We are praying for the stuff in/out of your Dad’s coffee shop. We pray for you, too.

    We love you. Keep up the good work. XOXOXOXOXOXO

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