If you Give a Hawk a Mouse

Maybe you know the story If you Give a Mouse a Cookie. The story starts, if you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to want a glass of milk to go with it. Then he will want to make sure he doesn’t have a milk mustache and so on. He will clean the floors, he’ll get tired, he’ll draw a picture, he’ll get thirsty and need a straw again. If you give him the milk, he’ll want a cookie to go with it.

Its a funny story, but I am NOT going to give a mouse a cookie. But, I will give a hawk a mouse!

One day Momma and Daddy saw a mouse in the house in the kitchen. Then a couple of days later, Audrey was downstairs in Momma and Daddy’s room.

“Momma! I saw the mouse, I saw the mouse, I saw the mouse!” She was jumping up and down while saying, “it was this little.” She said the tail was “LOOONNGGG and pink”.

Daddy went downstairs and caught the mouse. I ran downstairs with a Tupperware bowl and lid. Daddy got a paper disk, put it under the Tupperware, and turned the Tupperware right side up. Then he put the lid on.

Daddy brought it upstairs and Audrey wanted to show it to Momma. Momma said “NO! I do NOT want to see a MOUSE!”

We took the mouse outside. We put it on the ground. Then, after Daddy came inside, a hawk swooped down and caught the mouse! We watched the hawk go on to one of the trees in our yard and eat the mouse! Yummy to the hawk, but eww to me!

We watched with binoculars as it ate the mouse. I have two bird books and we researched to see what the hawk was. It turned out to be a Red tailed Hawk, the most common type in North America, at least in our yard.

The hawk ate the mouse all up, and then flew away. A little while later, we saw the hawk again, but this time it was even closer. We saw him, but he took off after a rabbit. That was the last time we have seen him for awhile.

4 thoughts on “If you Give a Hawk a Mouse”

  1. That must have been exciting to see what happened — too exciting for the mouse! Who needs to see wildlife documentaries when you have them in your own backyard!

    Way to go and way to write!!

  2. I’ll bet that mouse was surprised to see the hawk and the hawk was very happy to see the mouse. Was the mouse invited to lunch or supper? I’ll bet only for lunch…..good story Mark

  3. Mark, the story about the mouse was good, but did you forget something. Today, November 21st is your mother’s birthday. She was born ___ years ago, I know, I was there……


  4. Sorry Grandpa. I won’t leave out Momma’s birthday. I will do another day. I’ll do it after awhile. Maybe I will do it tomorrow.

    We are pretending today is Momma’s birthday because we went to church yesterday. We are busy, busy, busy, busy and a hundred more when we go to church on Wednesdays.

    I haven’t thought of Momma’s yet. I want it to be really good and I thought of the other ones beforehand.

    I love you Grandpa.

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