Mr. Turkey’s first case

Wild turkey’s have been disappearing! Time for Mr. Turkey to go on his first case!

He knows that an uncountable number of turkeys have missing since the turkeys went on vacation. They promised to come home the next day, but they did not come home. Uh oh! It has been ten days since they left!

Wild Turkey StuffedMr. Turkey sneaks into a park. He peeks into a big window of a building by a hill. He sees two turkeys. One of them is white; a domesticated turkey. He is not one of the missing turkeys. He is pecking at crackers. There are a bunch of people in there feeding him crackers. But one thing catches his eye…..

There’s a black turkey in there too. Mr. Turkey writes in his notebook: Black turkey, can’t see his beard yet (the bristly feathers that make his beard tells how old he is).

Mr. Turkey tip toes away. He flies into a tree. Then he writes in his notebook: I just looked through my binoculars and saw it was not one of the missing turkeys. Plus, it was on a stand! Oddly enough!? How can it be there? Mr Turkey wants to keep his notebook short, so he puts it back into his pocket. He thinks, I must go to a different place.

He walks a big distance and he goes to our house. And saw turkeys in the window! Writes in his notebook: Two turkeys in window of house. Turkeys are flat and made of paper! They don’t have spurs! They are fakes!

He walks a distance again. He does not see any turkeys on his walk. “Uhmmm”, he is getting tired. He looks at a turkey clock inside a house, it is time for bed. “Yawn!”

He sleep in that yard, snoring.

The next morning, about 9:00, Mr. Turkey sees somebody taking a turkey body out of the fridge! That’s maybe one of the missing turkeys! He thinks “they are going to be Thanksgiving dinner!” Ahhh! He runs back to where he lives.

He tells the highest in command turkey, “they are going to be Thanksgiving dinners!” Mr. Turkey breaths very hard. “Head for the hills!”

He hears rifle fire in the distance. A man carrying a rifle was shooting at some of the turkeys. All the turkeys run around, run around. The turkey police start running out with their deflecting feathers. They whack the guy with their spurs. From behind, the turkey army does the same thing.

The turkey secret agents come out the same way. After awhile, the man runs away. Then the turkey leader says, “Looks like a party time.”

A kind mole dug them a hiding place, and they built an extra big State house. Then the turkey rock an roll band came on. There first song was “Gobble Gobble Gobble. Gobble gobble, gobble.” They danced around, throwing their snoods and wattles around as they shook their heads. The boy turkeys puffed up their feathers. They were celebrating the case of the missing turkeys.

On every Thanksgiving is the birthday of that case.

Happy Thanksgiving from Mr. detective Turkey, Mrs Turkey and all the characters.

Thanksgiving is really a day were we celebrate God being good. He gives us food to eat, books to read, families, friends, beautiful weather. He gives us everything we need and a lot of wants.

Happy Thanksgiving

from me, Momma, Adrian, Andrea, Audrey and Daddy!

Bye bye!Domesticated Turkey Live

P.S. Thank you Mr Turkey for telling me this story!

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