Guess what I did!

Remember two blogs ago I said

Tune in next time to read about sum thing Mommy and Daddy have never done but I did! ?

I went on a hot air balloon!!!!!!! (NOT a cold air balloon) it was fun ffuunn (fun fun fun) but it was too short!

Uncle Joe took me on it with Esther. I stared down the hole time. It was fun ffuunn fun fun fun!

I want to go on it again! Next time I want to go to Africa and see the game parks!

Excited about going up!

Going up!

My balloon ride

2 thoughts on “Guess what I did!”

  1. Everyone could tell that YOU had a great time on the HOT air balloon!!
    It was definately a fun activity!
    Uncle Joe

  2. Hi Mark! This definitely looks like a blast! Did you get to go through any clouds??

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