Christmas Poem

Christmas Poem
By Mark
December 2008

In a house
By a window
in a stable
there is a manger.
In that Manger there is a Baby.

A long time ago
Under a star
In a town
By an inn
There is a stable.
In that stable there is a baby.

In that stable
Between the shepherds
behind the cows
and donkeys
There is a Baby
That baby is named Jesus.

Merry Christmas

!!!New Crea!!!

Look at me! I have a new jacket and I am ready for my nap. Then I am going to get my “hair” done, then it is nap time, then it is snack time, then it is lunch time…”

A new Crea was born today!!! His name is Chirpa.

Chirpa is a good name for him because Chirpa is a Ewok (small and fuzzy) and Chirpa is a Alpaca Crea (fuzzy and currently small).

The reason he has a green jacket on is because he was shivering.

I think Chirpa looks like a tiny white giraffe with a crea blanket on.

“Can you dye my “hair” blue?”
“NO! You may not!”
“But M—“
“DON’T But Mom me.”

4-H Projects

This year I did


projects for 4-H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did

  • one candle
  • two posters
  • two Salon prints!

Here are some pictures so you know what to look for.

Working on a Merit badge

Bluebird babies +3

I am working on a merit badge called Tracking!

I have to take some pictures of tracks and animals, here are some of them.

I need 30 points and have 16 points. The points each picture is worth is under the picture.

Baby Robins +3