You are invited to send me a picture of YOUR Poochie lip.

In a week or two you can send comments to this blog and tell me who’s you like the best. Here are some examples (you can also vote for these ones). I’ll put the pictures on a blog so people can vote for them.Audrey’s poochie lip

Andrea’s poochie lip

Mark’s Poochie lip


The contestant has to be older than their teeth.

You have to send the picture to my e-mail.

You can only enter twice, but make sure they are different both times.

Have lots and lots and lots and lots and lots (you get the picture) fun!

3 thoughts on “Contest!”

  1. These all look pretty poochie lipped to me. They are all hard to beat. My mom always told me to be careful because my face might freeze that way!

    I love you.

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