Daddy’s Home!

Daddy SoloingGuess what this isDaddy’s home from Wilderness.  Here’s a picture of him on a portage.

Guess what is happening here!

P.S.  Wish I could have seen the last 30 seconds of this game.  Sorry Notre Dame Fans who had to get home to see/listen to the Notre Dame game against the Michigan Wolverines, 34 to 38!

5 thoughts on “Daddy’s Home!”

  1. Ewwwwww!! Ick!! Poor squirrel. Are you cooking that for supper? Do you have to label the parts for science??

    Glad your daddy is home.

    I love you, but I don’t think I’ll eat supper with you. 🙂

  2. That portage was over 1.5 miles and I had the canoe on my shoulders the whole time. I was tired but not as bad as I thought.

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