New Look, Same Great Blog

SmileMomma and Daddy have been remodeling my blog !!!!! Some of the new features are a Wish List and if you reload, a new picture will pop up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can change the colors of the letters! This makes it a lot more fun!

Scouts is starting and it is Popcorn Season.  Yahoo!  Last year I earned enough for camp and Daddy’s camp.  This year I probably won’t because I will be a Boy Scout and camp is a lot more expensive.  I hope to sell enough popcorn to earn a gift card so I can get a microscope.

Did you Know?

  • When you open a bag of Scout microwave popcorn you are the first person to touch it?  They use machines and robots to pick it and package it.
  • They make Trails End popcorn in a town near Indianapolis?
  • If you buy the already popped tins or buckets, the popcorn is air popped because it does not use oil so it is healthier.
  • They use REAL butter when they make their popcorn
  • Cub Scout popcorn is a serving of whole grain (or two or three or four or five)
  • There is no trans fat in Trails End popcorn
  • Trails End popcorn is only the best of the best kernels.  They use three different hybrid kernels.  One is easy to dunk and one is crisper. They all taste good!
  • They have changed the selection of popcorn this year.  I think the best is the Triple Chocolaty Delight.

If you know of anyone interested in buying popcorn, please let me know!

Enjoy my updated blog!

4 thoughts on “New Look, Same Great Blog”

  1. Did you know that Mark learned all that information from watching a movie about the popcorn yesterday? As he says, “It is amazing what you can learn from a movie!”

    Enjoy his working “what I am reading section”. We hope to be able to keep it up to date again.

  2. HI Mark–
    What are the NEW kinds of popcorn?

    What town near Indianapolis is Trails End Popcorn made in?

    Remember my town is a small town near Indianapolis.

    If you find out where they make the popcorn, then you can see if they give tours. I think that could be quite fun to go on a tour of a popcorn factory.

    Did you know that Red Gold brand tomatoes are made here in IN.

    Uncle Joe

  3. I like the new look Mark. I did not get a notice you had written something new…………

  4. i like your new look. I like the colors, too. You wrote an interesting Blog. Is your Daddy going to post it on Facebook? There might be people who will see it there and order popcorn.

    Love you lots.

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