Caterpillar News break

Our big caterpillar is in his chrysalis.  This morning he was hanging in a j-shape on a milk weed.  He glued himself on.

Then he started making his chrysalis this afternoon.  From what all I saw, he was partly done and shaking.  It looked like a green bag with golden dots on the bottom.  It went from the bottom of him to the top of him.  It looked like he was getting into the bag by jumping in.  The top half you could still see his stripes!

We could not take pictures of him working because we could not get the camera to focus through his cage.  Momma said we did not want to knock him off.  I think he looks like a Christmas tree ornament.  Momma says he is Newly made chrysalissmaller than she thought he would be.

Next we will wait until tonight to move him somewhere.  Where do we put him?  I don’t know!  He will stay there about 2 weeks until it is time to get out!

I like taking care of my caterpillars but it is hard work.  It would be easier if they were in a different kind of cage, I don’t know what kind.

Now I just have to be patient for when he hatches.