Monarch Day Care

Caution signChrysalis

The cageToday, 15 August we cleaned and gave fresh leaves to all the caterpillars.

Cage; Still need to clean out.  Chrysalis hanging quietly.  We want to put the chrysalis somewhere else and then take pictures of it.  Not sure where we are putting it yet–hopefully in a cage!  After we clean cage, we will put the biggest caterpillar in it.


Blue Lid Container

Caterpillar in Blue Lid

Blue lid container; Did you know when caterpillars are scared they curl up into a ball?  Caterpillar about 2 cm long.


Peanut butter container; Moldy food. :(  Put caterpillar in nursery.  He is on the lid without moving; think he may be molting.  Molting means shedding skin.  He does it because he grows out of his skin.The Hatchery

The Hatchery”; Two babies; 5 cm and 6 cm long.  Last of our babies.


Butterfly Rearing ContainerButterfly rearing container; Lots of tiny frass!  Did not clean; self contained container.  We are not going to use this kind of container again, because we can’t measure or see caterpillars easily all the time.  It is good because we don’t have to clean out frass and the leaves stay fresher longer.One of Nursery caterpillars


Opened nurseryNursery; Added “Peanut Butter” Caterpillar.  Both of the other babies are 5 cm long.

I hope that you are enjoying my caterpillar series!

4 thoughts on “Monarch Day Care”

  1. Hi Mark,

    You need to show pictures of what each of these containers are so I can keep track of which is which.

  2. Hey Mark,
    What a great post! Uncle Sam and I had so much fun visiting you and your butterflies yesterday :o).

  3. that is very interesting. We did not know about that. It is so good to see you too.

    Auntie Lorraine

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