Monarch Day Care continued

Upside down caterpillar

Newly hatched caterpillars

Today (12 August) we found three newly hatched caterpillars!  They are about 2 mm long.  Two of them were still eating their egg cases.  We put two of them in the butterfly rearing container.  One egg looks like it is going to be hatching soon.


  • Cage; Still EATING MACHINE!  Cleaned out frass.  It is green!  “Looks like bunny scat”,  Audrey says.   Trouble measuring, estimated 5 cm (2 inches).
  • Blue lid container; the caterpillar is still 9 mm.
  • Peanut butter container; gave fresh leaf.  Caterpillar is 11 mm. “Little poop is cutie because it’s just baby caterpillar”, Audrey again!
  • “The Hatchery”; down to 2 white eggs and we are questioning if the dark one is an egg or not.
  • Butterfly rearing container; still has one egg.  Added 2 newly hatched caterpillars from the Hatchery.
  • New Nursery!; Moved one caterpillar egg and one caterpillar from the Hatchery.

CaterpillarThank you Audrey for volunteering to help Momma measure the caterpillars and clean and feed them! 🙂
We will keep you updated.

2 thoughts on “Monarch Day Care continued”

  1. Thanks Mark for letting me help you learn about Monarch caterpillars. The newly hatched ones are sort of disgusting looking! Thanks for adding the picture!

    Keep up the good work journaling and learning about the wonderful things God created for us to enjoy 😉

    I love you lots!

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