Auntie Kristi

It is Auntie Kristi’s birthday to day

this is her name in Farsi, name.jpg

at the beachAuntie Kristi with Adrian
round the camp firAuntie Kristi enjoying a fire

family Auntie Kristi’s family 🙂

Happy birthday Auntie Kristi. We miss you!

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday Auntie Kristi, happy birthday to you.


How old are you? How old are you? How old are you Auntie Kristi, how old are you? (or is it a secret? 🙂 )


P.S. Momma knows but won’t tell, Momma knows but won’t tell, Momma knows but won’t tell, isn’t she a good friend 🙂

I love you!

Daddy, ukhule uze ukhokhobe!



Today is Daddy’s birthday.

The title translates to “Daddy, may you live to grow so old that you walk double over your walking stick!”

Daddy was born in South Africa. He is handsome. He loves Momma. He loves God. He tells me about God. He tries to obey what God says in the Bible.

He does good at work. He works on a jet engine.

CookingHe is fun. He is A LOT of fun. He took us to the Manitou Islands. He taught me how to put up a tent and use a camp stove. We hiked, ate, and had fun!

He helps me learn things. He helped me learn to hammer. He helped me learn about jet engines. He let me help dig up the rocks in the front yard and make the swing set.

Here is different ways to say “Happy Birthday” and “I love you”. Can you guess whereLast years family picture they are from? Thank you Oma, Opa, Uncle Phil, Grandpa, Great Grandma, Uncle John, and Auntie Beulah for sending me the notes on how to say the different sayings.

The languages to chose from are two from Zulu, Afrikaans, Greek, French, Spanish, Finnish, Polish, English, German and Swedish. The first line is “Happy Birthday” and the bottom line is “I love you!” (if they are not exactly right sorry about that. Please tell me how to fix it!)

  1. Language?
    1. *Ukhule uze ukhokhobeMay you live to grow so old that you walk double over your walking stick!
  2. Language?
    1. *Ilanga elimndandi kuwe!– “Happy Birthday to you!”
    2. ngiyakuthanda
  3. Language?
    1. *Grattis på födelsedagen
    2. *jag älskar dig
  4. Language?
    1. *Cumpleaños feliz
    2. Le amo
  5. Language?
    1. *Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin; the best on your birthday
    2. kocham ciÄ™
  6. Language?
    1. *Bon anniversaire
    2. Je vous aime
  7. Language?
    1. *Hyvää syntymäpäivääminä rakastan sinua
  8. Language?
    1. *Happy birthday
    2. I love you
  9. Language?
    1. *Xronia Pola!- “Many Happy Returns”
  10. Language?
    1. *Glücklicher Geburtstag
    1. ich liebe Dich
  11. Language?
    1. *Veels geluk met jou verjaarsdag! “Congratulations on your birthday!”
    2. Ek is lief vir jou.

I love you Daddy! Happy Birthday!