Wilderness Update

Picture sent from Wilderness

We got an update on Wilderness.  This is where Daddy took off from.

Mrs. Sigman sent us a note telling us what the plans were for Daddy today. They are going to go through Big Trout Lake through Longer Lake till they get to their camp site on Whistle Bay. This has a lot of canoing and a few short portages.

Or they may decide to go through Lake La Muir and the “Trail of Tears.” Momma does not remember if she did that one, but remembers one year with a LOT of hiking.  This trail has 4,425 meters of portages and three big lakes, Big Trout, La Muir and Burntroot.

Since a mile equals 1,609.344 meters, this means about 2.75 miles of walking with a canoe on your head and a backpack on your back.  Daddy said the canoe was about 35 pounds and his backpack was about 30 or 40, we forgot which.

Momma said we can look on our map to see where these are.

I hope Daddy has fun and does the one with a few short portages.  I still want to go when I get a little heavier and older.

4 thoughts on “Wilderness Update”

  1. Well, today was Daddy’s solo day.

    Tomorrow he is going to start coming home. I was told that they will do a lot of paddling with a little bit of portaging. There is about 28 miles they are going to try to cover tomorrow, most of it in the canoe.

    Then they have Thursday night, then some on Friday, and then start driving home! Hooray!

  2. If Daddy is following the “schedule” one of the wives have, he will be going through a buggy lake and a long hard portage 2,320 meters (about 1 1/2 miles) long with lots of ups and downs.

    The buggy lake and ups and downs are one of the down parts of the trip.

    Looking forward to seeing if Daddy did what we are told they did.

    All of today, all of tomorrow, and we will see Daddy on Saturday!

  3. Just got a note saying that the guys are out of the wilderness and are waiting in line for showers. Soon they will be heading home, stopping for lunch and some dinner on the way home.

    Hooray! It will be fun hearing about their trip.

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