History Today–Mummies!

We made Mummies!

They are very(x10000000000000000000000000000000) gooooooood!

How to make them :

  1. Get a can of Crescent rolls
  2. Open Pop the can
  3. Wrap around unfrozen hot dogs
  4.  Bake until goldenBake until golden
  5. Eat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Eat and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “History Today–Mummies!”

  1. That sounds good and fun. We used to have those in school lunches when I was a kid. Different name and no can of crescent rolls.

    What did you learn about mummies beside the fact that you can eat them?

    Adrian looks sad about eating him Mummy.

    Have you seen a real mummy before? Have you read how they make real mummies? It’s very interesting.

    Have a great day.
    Love you.
    Tell Andrea Happy Birthday.

  2. Momma said we saw real mummies in Chicago, but I don’t remember them. Yes, I’ve read how they make real mummies. We play an internet game too.

    Adrian was sad because he wanted more than one at a time of mummies. He ate two and part of a crescent roll.

    Were the other names “pigs in a blanket?”
    🙂 a
    8) 🙂 r
    😉 8) 😉 k

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