Uncle Joe

Uncle JoeUncle Joe lives near Indianapolis. So I rarely get to see him, because it’s a couple of hours away. Sometimes it feels like it is twelve!

He is Mom’s older brother. He brought my Great Grandma Bea home for the summer. So Grandma Nana and Uncle Joe came over to see us.

Adrian gets to know Uncle Joe

He works in a church. It seems like he doesn’t get much time with us. He’s going to tease that we don’t come visit either.

Once he rode in a police car and taken to the police department. He has a friend in the police department and he went with him. I am not sure if I want to ride in a police car unless I was a police officer.

He is silly. Here’s the story.Will I make a home run?

We started playing baseball. He was trying to hit my head with the ball. He always missed! The second time I usually hit the ball when he threw it. When it was his turn to bat he got the most hits out of all! Then, whenever its his turn to pitch, it ended up we had a sword fight with our bats! It was fun!Playing with my uncle

Uncle Joe likes Notre Dame and he was wearing a Packers shirt!

His favorite pop is Mountain Dew. When we were coming back from Africa, a long long time ago, Mommy and Daddy were teaching me “Pepsi, Ucky, Mountain Dew, dirty”. Hee Hee Hee! I like Pepsi more than I like Mountain Dew because I never drink it. Mommy and Daddy won’t let me.Being silly

Uncle Joe can not skip, but he can do Sign Language extremely well.

It was fun playing with him.

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  1. Mark, did you learn Uncle Joe tries to cheat when he plays baseball with the kids. His policeman friend gets permission for Joe to ride with him on patrol because Joe is a chaplin. Because he is a pastor, he has to work all the time (when he is called to the hospital, or police station. He sometimes gets to go to surgery because a deaf person needs help communicating with the doctors and nurses. He does a lot everyday, even on his day off (Monday’s) but I tease him that he only works a couple of hours, on one day of the week……….

    Good story about him Mark. Papa

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