Latest headline: Six Goats Escape Burning Barn…

Firemen Mark… And we saw it!

I don’t know how it started, but Momma noticed it first. She saw our neighbor running toFire truck the goat pen across the street. She noticed some dark smoke, and put on her shoes and coat and said “Stay in the house and watch your baby brother!” She asked the neighbor if she should call the fire department, but was told they had been called. But she was asked to call the owner of the goats.

Firemen working hardSoon, the fire men came. There were a lot of volunteers! They came and soon they put out the fire!

I watched from inside mostly.

Fire trucksThe firemen got on their uniforms pretty fast. It took about an hour to get the fire out. I saw our friend, Mr Roe. He was doing a Tanker. He was filling up the other firetrucks that were running out of water. This is his Tanker, but not him.

I took lots of pictures (they are not the best because I was cold!) The firefighters probably weren’t.

FiremenThey did a good job. Below is one of the fire departments Tanker trucks. Concord is the yellow trucks (Mr. Roe works with Concord Fire Department. ) I don’t know the other one.

Only one of the goats were harmed in the fire. They think tar got on him. So he has to go to the vet.

I got to miss most of school today!🙂 Except for Math 🙁

Fire truck side

15 thoughts on “Latest headline: Six Goats Escape Burning Barn…”

  1. Mark! Did the firemen give you any good tips on how to properly handle a fire?

  2. Wow!! What an exciting day!. I am glad that most of the goats got out safely. I am also glad it was the goat shed and not a house.

    The firemen do a good job. Did you know that your great-uncle Bill used to be a fireman? He had to sleep at the fire station and do cooking there. He liked it when he was the one to cook. He liked to try new kinds of food on the other firemen.

    Oh yes, I have a Knock, Knock joke for you.

    Knock, Knock.

  3. What a mean way to tell a joke (:

    I am not sure why you complain about math Mark. You are doing a good job. You are improving a lot! (and I am very proud of you!)

  4. But if nobody could answer, that would be a good answer.

    I love you Mark, and really enjoy your blogs!

  5. It must have been exciting Mark to watch Mr. Roe and the men he works with putting out the fire. That was probably a better school day than if you had worked on other occupations yes?

  6. C: I like your fire story you told me and I like the headline!
    Hi Mark, I like the pictures especially the half fire truck half bus!

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