Two stories in one

The first story:

Uncle Dave is Moving Uncle Dave whittling a knife

He is not my real uncle, we call him our uncle, because we are really, really, really, really, really, really (times 100) good friends.

He is going to work at a camp in Michigan. We are not going to see him that much. I am going to miss him.

The second story:

Pretend Story

Hummingbird Dinner

Taken through a dirty windowOnce upon a time, a long long long long time (and a 100 more longs) there were Hummingbirds galore! One day a Hummingbird was very very hungry sooooooooooooooooooo he flew around the world in 1 second…!

He was looking for food. Nector! Flower juice!

He looked at a red potato. He tried to eat some nector, but blech…it was disgusting! Just disgusting! He looked at a red ribbon. But he did not get anything out of that! So he flew at a ladybug! She just zoomed away!

So he flew up to Jupater!

(To be continued)

4 thoughts on “Two stories in one”

  1. Mark,
    Our kids count you guys as their cousins! So I don’t know? I think we’re pretty close to REAL family-we just don’t show up for the turkey dinner! We are truly going to miss you, too.

    Keep up the creative writing-

    Antie Kristi (yes, the U is not there-it’s so much more fun to think of an oversized Ant!)

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