Reasons to take a bath?

We were reading Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. The story that we are talking about today, a little girl did not want to take a bath! So her momma called Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and here is the cure. When she gets sooooo dirty you can plant radishes on her, plant radishes!Need a Bath?

Read the book to find out how to stop selfishness, and never want to go to bedders cure. So far I like it, but there is not much about Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, just a lot of her advice. So far it all works out!

Here are some poems about bathtime.

Dirty Lill, Dirty Lill,

Lived upon a garbage hill.

Never took a bath and never will!

Spit Kaphoohy! Dirty Lill.

Great Grandma told the poem to Oma when she was little!

Here is Audrey’s favorite one;

I have a tiny turtle, his name is Tiny Tim

I put him in the bathtub, to see if he would swim.

He drank up all the water, and ate up all the soap,

Now he’s home, sick in bed, with a bubble in his thoat!

Poor Tiny Tim!

Here’s a tongue twister to learn:

“Surely Sylvia swims!” Shrieked Sammy, surpised.

“Someone should show Sylvia some strokes so she shall not sink!”

So, Remember to take a bath!


5 thoughts on “Reasons to take a bath?”

  1. Mark, Does Mrs. Piggle Wiggle have a cure when your child doesn’t want to get out of the tub? Have a great day!
    Auntie Candy

  2. I found another good one!

    BATH-SONG by JRR Tolkien

    Sing hey! For the bath at close of day
    that washes the weary mud away
    A loon is he that will not sing
    O! Water Hot is a noble thing!

    (Especially if we add lots of bubbles!)

  3. I am singing in the tub:

    “Bubbles, bubbles, Making lots of bubbles!”

  4. Mark, here is a song that Auntie Kristi taught the 3 year olds for when they wash their hands.


    Making Lots of Bubbles!
    To Wash the Dirt Away!!
    (Bye Bye Bubbles!)

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